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Java Packages i use this all the time. its on my home page
Java Tutorial Table of Contents "
ai java book
Java ReviewS
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory
Free Tools for Java(tm)
Regular Expression Package for Java

Java file sources that i wrote

crypto my most recent thing. helps you solve cryptograms need to press when typing matched letter 11-1-98
morse outputs the file as morse code. click on it to stop. 3-22-98
Nanocad I helped translate this from Will Ware's c++ version, and some from scheme
Filewindow was my first java program, although i have updated it since then, It displays successive lines of a file, and removes the html commands if needed. click on it to display whole file. displays "click me" in status bar. 6-26-97
irc An irc client, i started with someone else program but it didn't quite work, and i majorly rewrote it. It handles multiple channels, but no popup menus (which i don't like)
javademo I was going to demonstrate all the windowing commands of java, the way i did in my microsoft windows programming class, it displays menus now, finally 6-20-97.
mylaiza is my eliza program. I have written simple versions like this as an exercise for various programming languages, i had one in lisp and one in perl.
spiral3 rotates three alternating spirals. Its my first attempt at an animation, which i generally consider a distracting and irritating waste of space and time. I saw this pattern a long time ago, in omni i think. If you stare at it, it will mess up some of your visual perceptive stuff, and if you look at something else, it will seem all wavy for a second. Its kind of a neat trick, and i've been wanting to put it on a computer for a while. This applet has lots of parameters-- you can change the colors, the speed, the number of spiral arms, how much of a curve there is in the spirals, how many frames to save, and a drawing accuracy parameter. And all of this is is in a fairly small (~5k) file. I thought of doing this with a .gif, but it probably would have been a lot larger file.
time is a really simple program to display the time, and it uses threads.
uni is a quick program to display the different unicode fonts selected with the scrollbar. i swear it shows different fonts with the appletviewer (not with netscape though).
secondhand display a secondhand for clock. to be used as an attention exercise-- concentrate on it for two minutes.